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Based on your specific requirements, Advanced IT LLC will design, install, and maintain your perfect Security Surveillance Systems in Oman. As systems integrator, we are not tied to any specific brand, which enables us freely decide what fits you best.

We do not market for any specific brand, and while others talk about what their system can deliver. We on the other hand, talk about what the client needs to be delivered, which empowers us to always stay above expectations.

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Although there are several types of security cameras, but below  are the most popular


Dome Camera: Popular as indoor business / home surveillance cameras. Easily installed and has infrared capabilities along with a sabotage-resistant casing. Best CCTV Home Security camera Systems. The wireless home security systems in Oman are increasingly used.

Bullet Camera: Popular for outdoor security and surveillance. Good for long distances as it produces high quality resolution images.  Equipped with a protective housing and it is good for places with low light.

C-mount Camera: Enables the changing of lenses to fit different applications as well as more distances

Day/Night Camera: Handles both day / night ,but it I the best in low light environments. It also records in both color and black & white

PTZ Camera: PTZ Stands for Pan, tilt, and zoom. It can be moved remotely left & right, up & down, and lenses zooming closer & farther. It is best when a security officer is there to operate and monitor the system. It also has the feature of auto tracking of movements.

IP Security Camera (Network / Wireless Security System): Sends and receives data over the network using Internet Protocol (IP), making Network / wireless security camera systems. High resolution and high scalability. Wireless Security Camera Systems are easily connected to existing internet access points, reducing cabling costs. Popular CCTV Cameras In Oman.

Thermal Security Camera (FLIR): Best Security Camera system for complete darkness and severe environments. It mainly uses heat to distinguish objects. It detects people and objects in different environments such as fog smoke, dust, haze, and light.

ALPR Muscat Oman

Automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR) systems

We also implement Automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR) systems. It automatically reads car’s license plate, which can be used in various applications such as parking lot access control, automatic toll collection, and road traffic monitoring.

 IP CCTV surveillance Systems

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV security Surveillance Systems mainly refer to the ability of digitally sending and receiving data via a computer network . It is installed and connected to the existing network infrastructure, which makes it a cost-effective choice. In contrast to the traditional analogue cameras that sends data to a local Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the IP CCTV System sends data to the Network Video Recorder (NVR).

IP camera Muscat Oman

IP CCTV systems has many advantages over the traditional analogue systems, to name some:

Resolution: Nowadays, the quality of the videos provided by the IP camera outmatch traditional analog cameras due to continuous advances in this technology.

Scalability & Flexibility: You can directly add IP camera systems to existing network even to analog systems. It is easily integrated to other Security & communication systems.

Reliability & Durability: Faster and more reliable than the traditional analog systems. Allows access and viewing of videos online from any location in the world through mobile apps and clouds.

Manageability: It is easier and cost effective to get the required videos from the local or remote network compared to the expensive way of the analog systems, where on-site visits are required. Similarly, with validated authentication  IP cameras can be managed and controlled remotely, which helps simplify troubleshooting and status check.

Power over Ethernet: Analog cameras require two cables for power and signal, while IP cameras can be equipped with a switch that enables the utilization of the network cable for both signal and power. Which reduces costs and complexity as well.

Features: The features of IP camera systems are continually expanding and this is mostly enabled by mobile apps that allows direct connection to the cameras along with the low cost storage nowadays available in private and public clouds.