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Wired & Wireless Intercom Systems

Whether you want to broadcast a message or simply answer your front door visitor,make communications convenient around your place with our high quality intercom systems. Intercom systems also allow you to view and talk to people in your place instantly. Choose either the reliability of wired or the convenience of wireless systems. We will help you choose the system that is right for you. Achieve your security goals through simplicity, technical excellence, and reliability.

We provide various Intercom solutions for Home & Business:

  • Visitor Entry
    Stop unknown individuals from getting into buildings. You can verify visitors and release the door for entrance. We also provide elevator control for guests to access a specified floor, which is perfect for small and large complexes with multiple units.
  • Entrances
    With a clear audio and video images, you can see and hear who is requesting entry, and unlock the door with a keystroke. Weather it is the parking, the garage, or a service area, you can monitor access points and even connect elevators, stairwells, and other remote locations.
  • Room-to-Room Communication
    With interior stations placed throughout a place, people can easily communicate with each other
  • Office Communication
    Speak with employees in any part of the building and make announcements. Allow communications between offices and connect multiple buildings for instant communication using IP intercom.
  • Urgent Calls
    Instant communication capabilities to ensure people have direct and constant access to help
  • Internal Security
    Intercoms with built-in card readers and access control keypads allows you to control who enters secured rooms and/or floors of a building.




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