Smart Security, Environment, and Control

Home Security

When we are outside for work or travel, we can take good care of family members by wireless monitoring system, especially for children, old people and pets, also if can work for home security, record intrusion behavior and shoot pictures to the users’ mobile phone. The security sensors provides comprehensive protection for your home. When they detect illegal behaviors, your smart phone will receive alarm immediately. Smoke detector, flammable gas detector and other sensors could detect the concentration of smoke and flammable gas in your home. Once abnormal occurs, you will be informed of the alarm information and could take protective measures like devices linkage.

smart home solutions Oman

Smart Door Locks

Smart Door Locks Oman

Bern or Retina Locks ( Fingerprints & Passwords). Smart lock with multiple unlocking methods. It widely applies to home, hotel apartment and office, smart and convenient. It integrates smart lock, camera and door bell. Semiconductor fingerprint identification, adopting Sweden FCP Fingerprint, Biometrics Solution; Capacitance sensors in Fingerprint Capturing Zone exceeds 1 million; 1.45 seconds or so needed for fingerprint identification; Accurate identification, with low false reject rate below 1/1000; and widely applies to family, hotel and office, smart and convenient.

Motion Detection

Motion Detection
  • Wireless alarm, quick response
  • Free adjustment of detecting range
  • Alarm in time at the detection of moving objects
  • Link with other security devices for multiple defense
  • Strong anti-interference ability with low false alarm rate

Smart Multi-functional Detector

Smart Multifunctional Detector
  • Detect light intensity
  • Low power consumption
  • Support group linkage and defense with security devices
  • Strong anti-interference ability, stable detection signal
  • Pyro electric infrared detecting, timely sense environmental temperature change

Smart Bi-directional IR Motion Detector

Smart Bi-directional IR Motion Detector
  • Anti-tamper
  • Realize local and remote monitoring
  • Wireless alarm, strong anti-interference ability
  • Group linkage with other devices to trigger scenes
  • Adopt high impact-resisting materials, solid and durable

Window/Door Sensors

Window and Door Sensors

Smart contact sensor. As a security device, once it is opened illegally, preset alarm devices will be triggered, and send alarm message to phone. It widely applies to smart community, hotel apartment and office, convenient and safe.

Fire Warning Smart Gas Detector

It can realize linkage alarm with other devices to detect gas leakage and applies to kitchen, bathroom where needs gas.

Smart Smoke Detector

It is a smoke detector for family use; can be used independently as a photo-electrical smoke detector. When smoke concentration exceeds alarming value, send light and sound warning locally.

Doorbell System

Smart Door Bell & Button. It can be used together with Smart Door Bell and controlled remotely. Visit information will be pushed to App as well. It widely applies to smart community, hotel apartment and office, smart and convenient.

Smart Sound Warner

Smart Sound Warner

As a device in security system, it can bind with other devices to send sound and light alarm when the signal is triggered. Apply to ZigBee Smart Home Network.

Smart Panic Button

It supports emergency alarm and remote push notification, and widely applies to Smart Elder Care and Children Guardian, safe and convenient.

Smart Water Leakage Sensor

When there is water leakage, it can be linked with other devices and send warning message. It applies to bathroom, kitchen, balcony, etc.

Smart Camera (LAN, AP)

Smart Cloud Camera

As a HD camera with gateway function, it supports two-way voice; User can view real-time condition via App; It applies to looking after family members and also can be used for home security.

Environmental Guard, Intelligent Detection

Realize a low carbon, environment friendly and healthy daily life. With air quality detector, users can know indoor environment quality in real time, what’ s more, the sensors will link with central ventilation system controller to make sure the air quality is pure and fresh. When the temperature getting higher , the air conditioner will adjust the temperature automatically according to the human body comfort standard, so as to improve the life quality.

Environmental Guard Intelligent Detection

Smart CO2 Detector

Smart CO2 Detector

It can detect concentration of CO2 and work with other devices, and applies to bedroom, study room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Apply to detect temperature & humidity indoors; Support linkage control the places where have requirement for temperature and humidity, such as kitchen, bathroom, baby room, etc.

Smart Light Sensor

Smart Light Sensor

Apply to monitor indoor illumination; Support linkage control with other devices in the place where has requirement for lighting. For example, it can be installed in front of window to realize group linkage with curtain by detecting the light.

Smart Water Leakage Detection

When there is water leakage, it can be linked with other devices and send warning message. It applies to bathroom, kitchen, balcony, etc.

Smart Devices, Smart Control

Smart Devices, Smart Control

Smart Devices brought to you with smart phone control enabled.  These devices widely applies to villa, hotel, apartment, and office. Characterized by being convenient and safe. Modernizing your place will not only enable you enjoy better control, safety, and convenience, but will also enable you on more saving as well.

Smart Water Valve

Smart Water Valve

Smart Water Valve, control the water-use in the kitchen and bathroom , Can be used irrigation system in the garden.

Smart Automatic Manipulator

It can work with water/gas leakage sensor to turn on/off the valve to protect family.


It is a FHD camera integrating gateway and environment monitor, which applies to family care, classroom monitoring, shop care, etc.

Smart Repeater

Smart Repeater

Expand ZigBee signal coverage; Can be installed in the region where signal needs to transmitted; It applies to large apartment, plug and play.

Smart Translator (Input/Output Type,Serial Port)

It can convert wired transmission signal into wireless output signal by ZigBee protocol to control Daikin central VRV series air conditioning, and widely applies to villa, smart community, hotel apartment and office, convenient and safe.

Dream Flower

Multifunctional environment detector with integrated gateway functions. It is recommended to place the product indoors in a flat open place, such as TV cabinet in the living room, screen cabinet in the entryway, bookshelf and other furniture; applies to home, hotel, apartment, club, office, etc.

Smart Curtain Motor

Smart Light Sensor

Smart Curtain Motor, supports remote/local control, time setting, scene management and linkage control. It can control following devices:

  • Shutter in the bedroom
  • Shutter in the high windows
  • Shutter on the balcony

Smart Door Guardian (720P)

Smart Door Guardian

It integrates visual door bell and smart camera. After determining the identity of the visitor, user can unlock remotely. It widely applies to smart community, hotel apartment and office, smart and convenient..


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