SMATV and PA Systems

SMATV Systems

Satellite Master Antenna Television Systems (SMATV) are systems that are used to receive satellite broadcasts and distribute them through a cabling network to. SMATVs are the most effective and economical solution that guarantees avoiding many dish installations.  SMATV Systems also help reducing maintenance costs as well as space usage. One hub for all TVs.

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Residential Buildings & Hotel SMATV Systems

SMATVs are usually installed in hotels and resorts to distribute TV channels to individual rooms in a cost effective way. SMATV Systems are also used in complexes, Hotels, and residential buildings as well.

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SMATV Systems Installation

Our professionals plan, install, and maintain SMATV Systems and cable network using high quality equipment and standards. Our complete solution will guarantee the best SMATV installation that is reliable, high quality, and cost effective.

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Do not waste your money on PA Systems or SMATV Systems that are of low quality equipment that are not durable or are not suitable to that tasks you need them for.

PA Systems | Sound Systems

Public Address Systems (PA Systems) are electronic systems that mainly consist of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and other related equipment. PA Systems are used when an announcer or a performer’s sound needs to be audible in a large area. PA Systems are usually used in Hotels, Hospitals, stadiums, public transportation vehicles, facilities, manufactories, live events etc.
We at Advanced IT LLC design, install, and maintain high quality PA Systems, that produces clear and audible sounds for large areas. There are various types of PA systems, and one can get puzzled on which system to choose. We choose the PA system that best fits the requirements based on :

  • Type of music or speech to be played
  • Size of the space
  • How loud should the sound be
  • Portability requirements
  • Size of the space
  • System quality, durability, and cost
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