Construction Time Lapse video

View the progress anytime anywhere and review your project as it evolves. Produce a time lapse movie that will help you document, present, and market your project’s story.

Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse photography is mainly capturing film frames in a lower frequency than that used in viewing the sequence. Thus, when playing the video in the normal speed it will seem like the time is moving faster “Lapsing”.

Time Lapse Video Applications

Our time lapse solutions covers time lapse building construction sites, hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions in Oman. 

  • Evolution of construction projects and landscaping

construction site time lapse used to capture the entire project from the day it started to the day it finishes.  This will allow monitoring, documenting, and recording projects on hour –to-hour basis, day-to-day, week-to-week, and even for years. The production of high definition time lapse videos are best for progress reports and project-story overviews, as well as for marketing and branding purposes. It delivers a living presentation to your audience. With the right construction time lapse camera systems and the specialized time lapse building site cameras for outdoor construction projects and indoor projects , we ensure client’s satisfaction.

  • Hotels, Resorts, and Attractions

These videos are great for tourism marketing in Oman. Time lapse videos are produced for hotels and resorts to show prospective tourists the views, the facilities, and the activities. These are very effective for marketing and promotions, as they present the facility in an impressive and stunning ways. For tourist attractions, it is a very pleasing and convincing way to show for prospective tourists. It will show what is happening in the attraction spot and how it looks even in day/night video that would last only for seconds.

  • Marketing and Branding

Used for marketing customer engagement, promotions, contests, commercial advertisements, etc. time lapse videos also are used to present, brand, name, culture, and values.

  • Venues

Producing videos for visitors of malls, sports clubs, parks, etc. Showing the flow of visitors and them filling spaces in an impressive way, that will attract more visitors and also be used for other marketing and branding purposes. WIFI time lapse camera Connecting directly  to your Wi-Fi network.

  • Manufacturing and Production

Time lapse videos that help presenting how products are made in a professional way. There are various types of videos produced in the category. Along with marketing purposes, these videos can also be used in process examinations and improvements. That is, time consuming processes and movements.

oman muscat time lapse

Time Lapse Photography And Videography Solution

Our complete time lapse solution of photography and videography helps you monitor, document, and present your projects in an impressive way. It produces beautiful and eye-catching time lapse movies, that are best for product/project presentations as well as tourist place’s views, facilities, and activities.

Wireless time lapse camera and SIM card camera will always get you covered and updated. We also get you covered if no source of power is nearby through the self-powered camera systems equipped with solar panel. A complete time lapse solution.

We are one of the fewest companies in Oman to provide construction site’s time lapse photography services. We also provide specialist time lapse and video production services. Get your best Construction Time-Lapse Movie with us.

We in Advanced IT LLC, provide professional time lapse services in Oman based on latest videography systems

  • Only Hi-resolution Hi-reliability cameras and equipment
  • Best time lapse construction camera for outdoor construction projects as well as indoor projects.
  • 4G / Wi-Fi network time lapse cameras
  • Real time access to images
  • Self-powered camera systems equipped with solar panel, no external power is required

We also provide best Time-Lapse video production services. Video editing services to produce high quality promotional and marketing videos.  Our video production specialist will create combined video that will present the story of your project with its milestones.

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