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Disruptive Technologies: Riding The Wave

Introduction The term Disruptive Technology is first coined in 1995 by Bower & Christensen (Johnstone & Kivimaa, 2017). In their article “Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave” (Bower & Christensen, 1995). According to Cambridge English Dictionary, disruptive technology is “a new technology that completely changes the way things are done (Disruptive technology, n.d) In their paper, Bower et al (1995) …

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Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Management   Social Media Management is managing your online interactions and content across social media platforms. It is not only posting, but also includes engaging with your audience and increasing reach and visibility. Social Media Management Ingredients of Social Media Management   Managing social media consists of various tasks that must be considered. – …

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Factors Impacting Social Media Adoption in Public Sector Organizations: Case of Oman

Millions of people around the globe are daily interacting with each other and with organizations through social media platforms, which is a very convenient way of communication. Accordingly, public sector organizations around the world realized the importance of social media and thus are increasingly using it for communicating with their citizens. Although social media provides …

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